Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Darumas!

These are a couple of miniature Daruma dolls I made recently. The kanji symbols on their chests read "Perfection" and "beauty" since they are both extremely handsome fellows ;)
If you've never heard of Daruma dolls, try giving the wiki page a read. It's really interesting!

美 Beauty

完全 Perfection/completeness

Captain Knabble-Star

Captain Knabble-Star flashes through time and attempts to correct the wrong doings of history's most dangerous criminals. Unfortunately, time travel has the nasty side effect of leaving a person totally void of normal brain functions, and their ability to control their own bowel movements goes right out the window.

Roy's Decision

Roy sits in his favourite spot and contemplates his decision. Sadly, he knows they'll try and stop him from following it through.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Kevin is totally "at one" with nature. The other boys look at him strangely, but he perceives it purely as envy. Perhaps he's right!

Gaijin Daruma

Here is the first in a series of Daruma dolls I plan on making.
If you've never heard of Darumas, they are a traditional Japanese doll made to bless the owner with good luck, health, and prosperity.
A major feature of Daruma dolls is it's blank eyes. You first make a wish and paint in the pupil of one of the eyes. Once your wish has come true, you paint the other eye. It's very simple but serves as an excellent symbol of perseverance in achieving your goals.
I call this on Gaijin Daruma, gaijin meaning "outsider" to explain my western approach to a very old Japanese icon.

A Woman's Suffering

I don't wear heels.. But if I did, I'm sure this is how my feet would feel.