Thursday, 11 November 2010

Flibb the Plib

This is Flibb. He's a plib. If you don't know what a plib is, then you obviously can't see into the lardy-da land inside my brain. He likes lasagne.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lovely Little Lucy

Here is my second go at a reborn doll..of sorts. This one is a little bit older, and she's (yes he/she is a girl) absolutely gorgeous, don't you think?

The teddy costume was a last second idea, as for some reason it the model just wasn't doing it for me, and I think it really worked in pulling the whole thing together. Somebody on a forum really summed it up by saying, and I'll just note these are not my words, so please don't be angry, they said it looks like a "retarded ewok fanboy"... again, not my words but.. haha it's so true, although it's not technically a boy.

I'll just mention the eyes now, they're bought from ebay, and these are the mid range acrylic eyes used for reborn dolls. I love them but hope to start making my own soon as hey look fantastic but do leave me with a little niggling doubt that the final piece is not totally my own work, if you get what I mean.

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Baby Boy Benny

Have you ever heard of a reborn doll? Please, go check them out, they are waaaaaaaay more freaky than anything I could ever dream of making-

Basically, they are hyper-realistic baby dolls that people of varying skill make.. for fun I assume? The talent which goes into some of these things is incredible, I can only imagine the kind of things I could make if I had the same sculpting and painting ability as some of these people. Unfortunately.. this is what happens when I try-


Only joking, of course. I was aiming to inject my own twisted imagination into the same concept, at the same time trying not to disgrace the entire reborn doll community, honestly! I mean it! 

You've got to admit that the stripy hippo outfit is ADORABLE though! -even on...him-
Also, notice he has eye lashes. They're fiddly to insert but well worth it for the extra detail.

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Schnubbly Wubbly Warbler

This is me experimenting with mohair fabric. Its's incredibly expensive, and all the time my scissors are in contact with the stuff I have around 70 mini heart attacks per second. Still, it has some fairly cuddly looking results, so it's worth it really.

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Wall-Mounted Beast Scraper

10cm x 16cm Polymer clay and sand paper in wooden frame.


Collection Day! (on a tin box)


This is one of my favourite pieces. I was aiming for a sense of mystery as to what exacly this scene is depicting. I try not to actually answer my own questions as I prefer for it to be mysterious, even to me. For example: I don't even know whether those little bear people are really half bear/half human, or if they are simply normal people forced into bear suits by a gigantic mutated old fogey slug beast in an arm chair :S .. And what on earth are they collecting!?

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Creature Collection

"Creature Collection" was my final project for my studies on the Contemporary Media Art course at Sheffield Hallam University. It consisted of 200 tiny polymer clay creatures, all of which were unique and shared the same vulnerable, foetus-like characteristic.

They were placed upon a  2m x 2.5m x 1m platform, painted white and covered with a cotton wool-like fabric, which unfortunately I don't have pictures of :(

It's sad to say it, but I was never truly satisfied with this work, but I did, at least, succeed in making my creatures an object of desire... Sounds odd, but I know this thanks to the fact that quite a few were stolen throughout few weeks that the show was open to the public.
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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Little Dream Man


This was the first piece of sculpture work I have ever created, apart from a few small clay models I made during college.

It is inspired by a series of dreams I remember having as a child of around 4 or 5. They always involved stumbling upon a door which led to a small house filled with with old dusty book shelves and desks, all lit with candle light. Inside, I would interact with a very short, strange, old man. The dreams always ended with me leaving to find my mother in order to tell her about my discovery, only to find, on my return, that the door and the little man were gone. Very sad *sniif sniff*

It is constructed mainly of chicken wire, paper mache and hessian. Tom, the cat, seemed to really love how it smelt which is why he was such  a gratious model for my photos :)

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