Sunday, 25 July 2010

Little Dream Man


This was the first piece of sculpture work I have ever created, apart from a few small clay models I made during college.

It is inspired by a series of dreams I remember having as a child of around 4 or 5. They always involved stumbling upon a door which led to a small house filled with with old dusty book shelves and desks, all lit with candle light. Inside, I would interact with a very short, strange, old man. The dreams always ended with me leaving to find my mother in order to tell her about my discovery, only to find, on my return, that the door and the little man were gone. Very sad *sniif sniff*

It is constructed mainly of chicken wire, paper mache and hessian. Tom, the cat, seemed to really love how it smelt which is why he was such  a gratious model for my photos :)

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1 comment:

  1. Tim, this is awesome! I'm seriously inspired by these creations!