Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Creature Collection

"Creature Collection" was my final project for my studies on the Contemporary Media Art course at Sheffield Hallam University. It consisted of 200 tiny polymer clay creatures, all of which were unique and shared the same vulnerable, foetus-like characteristic.

They were placed upon a  2m x 2.5m x 1m platform, painted white and covered with a cotton wool-like fabric, which unfortunately I don't have pictures of :(

It's sad to say it, but I was never truly satisfied with this work, but I did, at least, succeed in making my creatures an object of desire... Sounds odd, but I know this thanks to the fact that quite a few were stolen throughout few weeks that the show was open to the public.
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  1. Do you plan on making more?
    I'm interested in buying some.
    Do you have an etsy account
    where you could sell these?

  2. Hi sorry for the late reply! I still have many of them and would be very happy to sell some. I've set up an etsy account but it's just an empty shell at the moment. I was going to put these up for sale anyway so I'll let you know when thay're available :)

  3. You really do make weird things. People at Valve software or the Ace Team (http://www.zenoclash.com) should see your work, make you could collaborate!

  4. Hello, Tom. Thanks for the complement! Let's just say, if valve offered to do a collaberative project with me.. I would accept hehe.
    I'm actually working on some computer game related stuff at the moment, which I'll be posting up soon. You might like it :)

  5. I would be more then happy to help you sell your art.

    There are several ways to sell it, but please contact me andrew1387 Hotmail com